Findable Facts

What happens when Know-It-All Norris is sick?  How much can, or should, you rely on individuals in your organisation to provide the answers to other staff

Powered By IBM Watson

We use IBM Watson's Retrieve & Rank and Document Conversion AI Services to power a complete Cognitive learning tool. 

Find the right document, page and answer first time, every time

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Bring the power of cognitive computing to your Business

access artificial intelligence with ​agent assist 

Smart Solutions

Let us train the AI brain to find your answers.  We are utilising machine learning models to provide smart solutions to documentation-heavy organisations

Searches Made Simple

Content without easy access is worthless. Discover the full extent of your documentation, and identify what is missing or obsolete

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Browser based Search and Retrieve Application powered by IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence

Cognitive Computing

The Era of Cognitive computing, human and machine thinking together, will lead to collective's time to introduce this intelligence to your organisation

​​Ludex Limited Cognitive Computing

Reduce Learning Curve, and Expense

How much time and money is spent training new employees on your organisation's documentation corpus?How many of these staff are there a year later?