Bringing Humanity to AI

Not Just for Generation X or Millennials

By introducing Emotional Intelligence to Artificial Intelligence it unlocks a vast array of exciting customer care and engagement possibilities.   Ludex monitors chatbots and social media networks for the customer’s emotional states, prompting a live agent to intervene and take control of the conversation, based on a variety of criteria.

Today's Customer:


  • Mobile & unwilling to interact with TRADITIONAL call centres

  • Demands near-instant response and follow up at their pace

  • Expects rapid response and resolution

  • Always online and service channel agnostic

  • Wants to be recognised and have continuity in engagement

  • Appreciates continuous, relevant and smart communication

  • Rather have basic requests handled by a bot and not waste time

People across all generational divides are  increasingly using messaging apps (WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Viber) to communicate, so interacting with a chatbot is not a big leap. Endlessly waiting on a phone line waiting to be connected and potentially diverted, cut-off and not called back versus an intuitive, rapid, direct and consistent response via a chat you control - it’s a no-contest.

We live in the era of social explosion. Facebook Messenger adds 100,000 users per month and now stands at 1.2 billion active monthly users. WeChat will soon surpass 1 billion users.  Twitter has 330 million active monthly users.

Social is the new preferred entry point for an entire generation of customers whose primary form of communication is via social messaging platforms. They rarely use email and will only call a customer care line as a last resort.

Speed of response is a key customer satisfaction factor for social media users. It makes a huge difference whether you can react in 5 seconds, 5 minutes or 5 hours.  The promise of a response beyond an hour is no longer acceptable.

Social networks are reputational and viral. One tweet about a bad experience can snowball into a PR disaster within hours.